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Can Chiropractic Help With Joint Pain and Restlessness During the Night?

Do you have pain or discomfort when you lay down at night?   Are you restless or do you have a hard time finding a comfortable position in order to fall asleep?  Do you wake up in the middle of the night or in the mornings with soreness and stiffness? In our offices, many people describe having joint problems […]

Can Chiropractic Help With Scolosis?

A lot of patients come in to our offices and say they have been diagnosed with “scoliosis” by another healthcare professional.  There are times when scoliosis is the result of more serious, pathological problems that chiropractic may not be able to help correct.  Scoliosis can also be the result of long standing “stuck” spinal joints.  […]

What Can Chiropractors Do Other Than Fix Back and Neck Pain?

While it may be true that chiropractors specialize in dealing with conditions that effect the spine, all of our patients at Gonstead Family Chiropractic should already know that we do more than just look at your spines.  We are passionate about helping individuals gain a higher level of overall health.  Helping people attain this involves […]

Chiropractic and its Effect on Inflammation

New research continues to show a link between inflammation and chronic disease. Many diseases such as heart disease, cancer and stroke, as well as auto-immune diseases, have been shown to have a common link in chronic inflammation. While there is a great deal that remains to be discovered about this link, the fact that chronic […]

How Are Chiropractic and Stress Related?

As she grabbed the base of her neck with both hands, she explained “I carry my stress in my neck and shoulders”… This is a very common phrase/expression that we hear in our offices during exams.  It’s no surprise or mystery that stress can play a key role in one’s health… but it may not be the CAUSE of […]

How Can Chiropractic Adjustments Help Treat Whiplash?

Most people have heard the common term “whiplash,” but what does it actually mean in relation to your spinal health?  The mechanism of whiplash most commonly happens in a rear end car accident.  The person’s neck jolts forward and the body stiffens up to help protect the spine and spinal cord.  This type of trauma […]

Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Chiropractic has numerous benefits to women who are in all stages of pregnancy.  The Gonstead technique, with its specificity in finding subluxations and its ability to reduce nerve pressure in less amounts of time, can play a key role in having a smooth and enjoyable pregnancy!  During the first trimester, adjustments can greatly aid issues […]

What do Figure Skaters and Chiropractic Patients Have in Common?

During the Olympics we will be witness to some unbelievable athleticism during competition.  No one watching these events will look upon these competitors and imagine that they reached this elite level by simply having a natural ability. Countless hours of practice have gone into training their bodies to perform with near perfect form and effort.  […]

Peak Performance. Chiropractic’s Benefits to Elite Athletes.

With the Winter Olympics in full swing, it is amazing to marvel at some of the feats these amazing athletes are able to perform. Chiropractic care plays a significant role in both the event performance and training programs for these athletes. In fact, chiropractors have become a key part of the training/healthcare teams for our […]